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Our recommendations

Thank you to have selected our farmhouse for your relax.

Here are our recommendation to best spent your stay.

Arrival in the morning in Ferrara, to visit our extraordinary art city, with its castle, cathedral, and many more. A little and rapid lunch.

Arrival in the afternoon in the farmhouse, so to set yourself up in the room, take some relax time (during Winter, in our Wellness Centre; during Summer, on Lake Tramonto or bio-pool banks, to sunbathe and bath in the clear waters), have a dinner in our restaurant to taste the Ferrara specialties (like, pumpkin pasta parcels, cured meats with bagel bites, and many more), drinking good wines (as you have not to guide!) and take your deserved rest sleeping in our rooms with view on the lakes and in the silence of the countryside.

The day after … take your breakfast tasting our products (home made jams, cakes, donuts), then go to have a visit to the near and nice Castello del Verginese, Romanesque Church of San Vito, the Bando Oasis, or enjoy your relax by our lakes.

Adding a day more, you could visit Comacchio, the Po Delta, Ravenna, and many more natural and historical places.

To enjoy more your stay we suggest you to add a night (for example, arrival on Friday), as we can calculate you a favourable price, so as to extend your relax with a little cost.

Thanks again!

Anton and Staff  

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