Wellness Center and relax

A good healthy sweat, according to ancient traditions

Warm wellness

Sweating for a pleasant benefit

Since the dawn of time, man regenerated warming himself to sweat. In the Wellness Center Ai Due Laghi there are two Finnish saunas (one indoor, where the temperature reaches about 75-80° C, and one wood-heated outdoor, where the temperature reaches about 80-85° C), a bio-sauna (where the temperature reaches about 50° C and 45% humidity) and a steam bath (with steam, where the temperature reaches about 50° C).

Cold wellness

And after the warm... some refreshing moments!

A well-made sauna also includes the cooling phase with water and/or air. As well as inside the showers area and outside in the large tub, in the Wellness Center Ai Due Laghi you can enjoy a unique experience as you can refresh yourself in Lake Venere, discovering the regenerating power of the lake water.

Relax Zone

A relaxing rest

Do not forget to drink! In the Relax Zone, free fruit juices of farmhouse produce, various herbal teas and water are always available for our guests.

Our regeneration is complete by letting the body return to its usual rhythm. The many loungers available, as well as the Hall of Silence, allow us to lay back and relax.

The benefits of sauna

Sauna is good for your health! This thermal process is one of the oldest and best known in the world. Just a simple heat bath to breathe and remove, through sweat, toxins and skin slags.

The main sauna benefits are the following: blood vessel stimulation, increased immune defenses, skin care, cardiovascular system stimulation, respiratory tract care, purifying effect, psycho-physical relaxation, decreased anxiety, energy sensation.

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